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We have a variety of publishers of content creators across Malaysia. Our cross-cultural partnerships and marketing capabilities are customized to meet the unique needs of our clientele.

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Accelerate your selling efforts with WowWoo monetization platforms. Maximize revenues with multiple demand sources, uncover the
 real value of your inventory!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kinds of ads can I launch on self-serve media buying platform?
On self-service ad platform you can serve any ad format of your choice banner ads, in-banner video ads, rich media ads and native ads.

What advertising content is acceptable?
You are free to run various types of ad content on advertising platform accept messages or images containing malware, fake malware alert, explicit materials (adult, gambling, weapons, other prohibited services and products, and content that may harm the publishers image.

Can I target the ads only on certain domains?
No. We will run across all our publishers network to get you the best performance for your campaign result.

What budget should I have to start a campaign?
The self-serve ad platform doesn't require a certain sum of money for the campaign to start, however, it's advisable to make the minimum deposit to make sure you have a better performance for your campaign.


Your Advertising Campaigns with Self-Serve Advertising Platform
Be the one who runs the show

We created a self-service ad platform where everything is up to advertisers achieve more from media buying organizing your ad campaigns independently. Launch as many ad buying campaigns as you need and change them in real-time according to your budget, schedule or business objectives.


The largest Malaysia well-known publsihers network

You have content to craft on a daily basis?

Let us handle your monetization efforts whether is technical, operational and sales support.

Join our publisher network today if you:
- regularly update your site content
- have professional and presentable site design
- have highly engaged user base

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